Book your portrait session below, and on Graduation Day, bring your family to our pop-up photo studios at Vodafone Event Centre, straight after your graduation.

From the stage to the studio, we make it easy for Graduands and their families to view and order professional photos from your graduation.

Onsite – We will have our studios set up at the Vodafone Events Centre on the day of your Graduation, and we will be ready to capture your images as soon as your ceremony is over. No need to travel to a second location or organise the whole family to meet elsewhere on another date.

Pre-Booking – The vast majority of our clients will pre-book, and we advise you do the same. This will mean you can head straight to the studios. You do not need to visit the sales desk or sign in, we will have your name at the studios ready to go. Too easy!

Comprehensive and Efficient  – Our qualified photographers will ensure we capture the right mix of images, whether that be just yourself, with Mum and Dad, or the whole family. We do our very best to make sure you have a great experience.

Cost Effective – We offer the most competitive rates for our Graduands. When you purchase our most popular package for $65, you receive the full amount back by way of a $65 photo voucher to use when ordering your products! 

Streamlined – As we cover the photography for every aspect of your Graduation, you can order your capping photos and and any other images we capture of you at the same time as your studio images. You can use your studio voucher for those too

Fast Turnaround – we always en-devour to have your images online ASAP. We hope to have everything online ready for you to order in 10 working days.

Quikpix will have several Photo Studios setup for Graduands and their families to have portraits taken after each Graduation.

Pre Book and pay for your Portrait Studio sitting now to eliminate waiting in the booking queue on the day.

Select one of the 2 options below.

1. Standard Studio Sitting: Includes a $30 Photo Voucher which you can use to order photos taken at the studio and on stage. Price $45.

2. Graduation Special: Includes a $65 Photo Voucher which you can use to order photos taken at the studio and on stage. Price $65.  This is our *MOST POPULAR.

Place your order by clicking on either option 1 or 2 below. Select the time of your graduation, enter your details and pay for your studio sitting.

We will confirm your booking and email your Photo Voucher after the graduation.

Click on your option 1 or 2 below to book and pay for your studio sitting.


Standard Studio

Option 2

*Graduation Special