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EventPix is our event photography solution.

We make sure your event is fully covered by providing a full range of photography services, including photo booths, roaming brand cameras, and pro photography the total event photography solution.

We add photo entertainment to any event or party, creating an even more memorable event with printed photo giveaways or social media content amplification. We can automatically brand all output images with your personal content so you own the moment!

We are about so much more than photography though. At QuikPix we use the technology to work for us. We integrate it into our thinking, but it doesn’t lead our thinking. We like to add our own creativity. We love to come up with ideas and discover ways to deliver a unique interaction with party-goers.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the events and pictures we’ve created over the last 15 years in business. We’re the #1 provider and this is why.

Photo Booths

On site photo booths that capture your moment and add a memorable element to any party. Featuring a suite of special effects, with Quikpix Photo booths you’re not constrained by technology, just let your imagination go wild!

Self operated photo booth

Self Operated Booths

Our simple, portable photo booth solution requires no installer or operator. Simply book with us, we’ll pre-program the unit, then send it out to you and organise pick up. A cost-effective interactive photo experience at your event, small or large.

Brand Cameras

Need photo booth features on the go? Have brand ambassadors roaming your event with iPads and/or DLSR cameras, giving your guests the ability to instantly upload their branded image to social media or receive an instant print.

Pro Photography

Most events need more than just a photobooth, and that’s where we bring in our professional photographers. Quikpix offers a complete, fully tailored solution to your event photography needs to ensure not one single moment is missed.

Check out our incredible range of photo booth features and experiences

Standard Photo Booth

Our standard photo booth is far from basic. Position it front of a standard backdrop, media wall or the dance floor. Print a wide range of photo sizes and it'll also look after your social media engagement. Several options to meet your budget and space.

Green Screen Booth

Let us shoot your guests against a green screen backdrop and then add pre-agreed fun branded imagery into the background instantly. Catch them by surprise and offer a memorable engagement they’ll want to post on social.


Photo Party Stations record 5 second video clips of guests dancing, jumping, throwing confetti, and shooting off streamers, then transforms them into ultra slow-motion videos, uploaded onsite to email, Facebook, Instagram, or twitter.

Light Painting Booth

Using our custom light painting tools, guests can draw in mid-air with light and see their creation come to life in real-time. Our light painting artists help with fun ideas.  The final product is branded and can be printed and uploaded instantly to social media.

GIF Booth

Animation is great fun! Movement makes images come to life. Imagine adding cartoon characters, sunrises, flashing lights and more to images with you in them. We're taking event photography to the next level!
Create a memorable unique experience for your guests.

Morph Booth

Take your party to the next level with Morph animation! Transform into another guest, still image or even cartoon character - and don’t stop there! You can add your own branding and music to every morph and upload it instantly to social media. 

Video Booth

Our booths can work in video mode, to provide Green Screen, Cinemagraph and Zoomscape effects. This provides the perfect way to bring your event to life and deliver really engaging content.

VR Booth

The Virtual Reality photobooth is the first of its kind. Our 3D camera and green screen instantly insert guests into a VR environment that is both 3D and 360 degree. Our VR headsets provide immediate 3D viewing, and then guests can share their experience instantly to Facebook as a 360 degree interactive experience; honestly, it'll blow you mind

Corporate Photographs - HeadPix photo solutions


HeadPix is a unique solution in capturing staff photographs. We come to your office, set up a photo booth for a day and then your staff can come and take their own photograph when it fits with their schedule. It also enables you to instantly download the images and you can even apply a filter, giving your staff the option selecting their preferred photo. 


Having been involved in branded events for the past 15 years, we really understand the importance of branding. We work with you to ensure your brand stands front and centre in all we do. We offer a range of options - just take a look at the examples of our work to get inspired.

Special Effects

We can programme all our equipment to deliver incredible special effects, ranging from filters through to digital props and customised text overlays.

Event Experience

We provide our photo solutions to a number of different types of events. To understand more about what we can deliver to your type of event, take a little deeper look.

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Photo Marketing

Many of the people and brands we work with need to measure our work in some way. Our first measurement is the smile dial – are our customers and clients smiling?

Next though, we’re able to measure a number of different and important variables, using the photobooth online data dashboard that sits behind the solution. 


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