Photography for Expo Events

Stuck for ideas on how to get more people to your expo events?


Drive more traffic to your expo events by creating a fun reason to drop by. Add value to your expo events with a Photo Booth stationed on your stand, and then ensure that visitors walk away with a fun print and memory of their moment with you. Using one of our photo booths on your exhibition stand enables you to capture more data from visitors and provides them with a giveaway, that will remind them of your company post-event.

Using our photo booth, you can generate additional social media during the expo and increase the return you’re getting from your investment in the expo. Use our photo booth to generate Facebook posts and get more from your expo stand. Our photo booths are the perfect way to differentiate your stand from others in the room. Make it a destination that gets talked about.


Examples of our Expo Event Photography Solutions

Take a look at some of the examples of our work, and click on some to dig a little deeper.

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