Hire on-site booths for staff photography

Trying to take staff photographs can feel like an exercise in herding cats!

Hire in a professional and you risk having various people out the office during the allocated day of the shoot.
Do it yourself, and you risk ending up with a hotch-potch of images, differing backgrounds and lighting issues.

This is where HeadPix provides a straight-foward solution. We position a photo station in your office for an agreed number of days. It stays in one place to ensure image consistency. You choose the filters, you choose the background and then your staff take the photo when they’re ready.

HeadPix is a unique solution to capturing staff photographs. Most people find having their photo taken quite stressful. HeadPix takes the stress out of the situation by enabling people to take their own pictures and enabling them to accept or reject them, all in the privacy of your own office.

When you want smaller team shots or additional management shots, then simply gather those people and take the shot, once again controlling the lighting, background and output to gain a consistent high quality shot.

All the accepted images are instantly uploaded to an image library that you have access to and can download from. If you need additional image manipulation, then we can also provide this on a case by case basis.

Don’t make head shots harder than they need be, call in HeadPix and get the job done with less fuss and bother.

Special Introductory Offer

Install a camera in your office for the day with a green screen. 
Self Operated | Selection of Backgrounds |10 Filters 
Get those individual shots or that hard to come by team photo at your next conference

Prices From $695

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High quality photos



 Staff take their own shots at their own pace in their own time.



Manage your brand and ensure consistency across all your staff photos.



Take shots in a meeting room and try different outfits until you like what you see.

The images produced using our HeadPix solution are perfect for websites and online profiles. If you need images for printed materials then we can programme the HeadPix Photo Station to capture high resolution files for your graphic designers.  

If you still prefer having a friendly photographer at your location, we can arrange for one of our professionals to visit and capture your team.

Examples of our HeadPix Work

Take a look at some of the different filters and backgrounds we can use on your images.

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