A unique way to add value to your business

Add a new interactive element to your business, drive greater brand awareness and generate additional revenue.


RetailPix is a unique way for businesses to add value to their offering as well as a revenue solution that they might not previously have considered. Whether they are wanting to amplify their brand or sell an experience RetailPix is a great solution.

The advances in technology have made adding an interactive experience into a store easy, fun and feasible. Our i-pad booths can be a permanent or semi-permanent fixture in a store giving customers a great experience that can instantly be shared with friends on social media. It is also a great way to capture vital info about customers which can be used at a later date!

 For many years, Quikpix provided the Sky Tower visitor experience photos. All visitors to the Sky Tower observation level were photographed using a green screen and on their return from the experience, they received a beautifully presented photo package for them to purchase.

Quikpix provided the business model, the technology, the logistics and the staff in order to take pictures of all customers, showcase them and then sell these pictures on the spot.

The Revenue Model

In the past the RetailPix solution relied on a certain volume of customers to be viable. Times are changing though. There is a fantastic additional source of income to be had from capturing your visitors treasured moments and selling them pictures of their experience.

Many tourism businesses can now introduce the same solution into their businesses, even if their visitor numbers seem low.

We would love to talk you through our solution and provide a business case/revenue model bespoke to your business.

The Marketing Model

Many customers today are not just looking for products, they are looking for an overall experience.  Our photographic retail solutions are the perfect way to interact with your customers and provide a fun experience whilst in-store. Use our i-pad booths as a semi-permanent fixture and get your customers sharing their pics instantly. Perhaps driving additional revenue is not what you’re after initially.

Simply set up a RetailPix solution in your store and enable visitors and customers to share their images across social media.

Short and Long Term rentals are available.



Set up a RetailPix Booth in your salon and have customers take before and after photos that they can share instantly on social media. Make it part of their experience and provide them with photo printouts at point of sale, along with their receipt.


Set up a RetailPix booth in your restaurant or bar and invite happy guests to take their picture and share their experience on social media, instantly.


Imagine the customer trying on shoes who simply can’t decide. Use a RetailPix booth to enable them to reach out for opinion across social media. Shoe shopping is meant to be fun. Let’s put the fun back and make it more social.


Operate your own souvenir photography solution with our assistance. We provide the solution and train you how to operate. Generate an additional stream of income while having your visitors tell the world, through branded imagery, about your awesome attraction.

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