Light Painting Booth

Paint the town red, or any other colour.

Utilising an selection of specialised LED tools we will paint with light around your guests to create one of a kind photos, from neon rainbows to patterns and drawings, no two pictures will ever be the same.

Your guests enter into our dark tent (or if you have a separate room that can be used instead that will work too) and pose for their picture. After the flash from the camera they stay still whilst our light painting artists creates the magic. With our system the guests can even see the picture developing on the screen as the artist works their magic around them.

Furthermore the photos can be branded with an overlay alternativly we can even incorporate your logo, name or branding into our light painting tool so it becomes part of the actual light painting. See it’s not just Hollywood movie stars who can get their name in lights.

All images are available immediatly to view and print using the tablet situated outside the tent. From here we can offer the option to allow the guests to also send an electronic copy to their social media or send a copy to themselves by email.

Our light painting photo booth really does light up any event!

Light Painting Photography Effects

Take a look at some of the examples of our work, and click on some to dig a little deeper.

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