Photo Marketing

Many of the people and brands we work with need to measure our work in some way.

Our photo marketing solutions and reporting are some of the best in the business. Our first measurement is the smile dial – are our customers and clients smiling? That’s the simplest test of whether we’re doing the right thing.

Next though, we add a little more science and data analysis, as we’re able to measure a number of different and important variables, using the photo booth online data dashboard that sits behind the solution. Regardless of the number of photobooths or roaming brand cameras, we can capture all this information by each camera and provide a complete report for the whole event.


  • Total images taken
  • Total No. of people Photographed
  • Total images printed
  • Social media reach 
  • Social media engagement and event amplification
  • Return on Investment
  • General Feedback


Positive Feedback

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