Virtual Reality Photo Booth

Our Virtual Reality Photo Booth is the first of its kind in NZ.

Our 3D camera and green screen instantly insert guests into a VR environment that is both 3D and 360 degree. Our VR headsets provide immediate 3D viewing, and then guests can share their experience instantly to Facebook as a 360 degree interactive experience.

Our newest offering to our range of photo experiences plays on the current trend for virtual reality. Our 360º Virtual Reality studio allows us to insert your guests into a fully immersive scene.

Using the power of green screen we capture the users in a single pose and our software places them into the full 360º panoramic scene of your choice. These scenes can be custom made or we have a set of standard stock scenes in a variety of themes.

Once the photo has been taken the user can view an interactive version on our sharing tablets, where they can send their VR scene to Facebook, or get a link to an online version where they can interact with it on their smartphones or desktop computers.

We also have the option of creating 3D scenes too, to make them really immersive, these are best then viewed using VR headsets.

Examples from our VR360 Photo Booth

Take a look at some of the examples of our work, and click on some to dig a little deeper.

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