Special Effects

Special Effects are like the jam on top of toast.

Our technology and experience means we can add a number of different special effects to your guests photos, transforming the output into something unique and memorable.

We can add some amazing special effects to the content we create in our photo and video booths, as well as through our roaming, mobile service.

Photo Filters

Take control of your image output with bespoke filters, added instantly to each and every image. With filters applied you can be sure that your event is consistent, branded and different.

Digital Props

Our booths have the capability to edit, draw, and even add digital props to your photos. Using pre-loaded props the user can drag and drop icons onto the photo and save their changes before uploading to Facebook, Email, Twitter or Instagram.

Customised Text

With Custom Green Screen Text, you can create an opportunity for guests to add customized text to their photographs. But that’s not all – you can even populate that text in any number of frames in your animated GIFs as well.